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Thank you to the following organizations & individuals who took the time to share input & expertise in the crafting of our demands: David Bob, Bob Bromley, Bree Denning, Janelle Derksen, Chloe Dragon Smith, William Gagnon, Lois Little, Dene Nahjo, Craig Scott & Kristen Tanche. We are also deeply grateful to artist Alison McCreesh for bringing our vision to life through her exceptional talents in illustration and graphic design. Lastly, thank you to Atiya Jaffar from 350 for digital support.

Financial support for the artwork was provided through #RisingYouth community service grants, which are funded by TakingITGlobal, the Government of Canada & the Canada Service Corps. This campaign is 100% Northern and volunteer-run.

Untitled design.png
Credits: About Us
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